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Upgrading your Free User account to Advanced saves you time, improves the presence of your domain names on the Internet, and grows the reliability of your services during showtime.

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Vanity DNS

The standard dress

Domains delegated without Vanity DNS get the exact same DNS reliability and only pay a minor latency in resolution. Technically. But when it comes to the looks of your infrastructure, the story is different altogether:

¿ Who manages DNS for amazon.com ?
amazon.com served by     ns1.amazon.com

Here's what this says about amazon.com:

  • They afford one server for DNS
  • Their DNS continuity is outsourced to BuddyNS.com
  • They trust BuddyNS.com with their most sensitive data

This is fine for many users, especially private ones and those offering non-technical services.

Domains in a tie

Vanity DNS is your answer when your infrastructure's presentation is important. With Vanity DNS, you use BuddyNS servers for DNS reliability and performance, but your domains appear delegated to your own servers:

¿ Who manages DNS for amazon.com ?
amazon.com served by     ns1.amazon.com

Here's what this says about amazon.com:

  • They run DNS on redundant, controlled infrastructure
  • Their DNS traffic is worth multiple distributed servers
  • Their data is fully in their control

The business impact of this presentation is especially consequential for technical services and web agencies.

10x Traffic Quota

Routine 300

At 300 thousand queries/month, Free User accounts accommodate the routine operation of most personal and small business domain names, with a good margin for oscillations. 90% of our users' routine traffic fits there.

Larger traffic spikes such as publicity exposures or spam attacks can exceed this quota. If this happens, your DNS is left up to your own server to deal with entirely. A failure here becomes a threat to all services of the organization, including those outsourced.

Room for relax

Advanced Users get 3 Million queries/month up. This gets you two major advantages.

First, you can run high-traffic domain names, or hundreds of regular ones, in your account without risking to hit the quota. Plenty of space for your clients and for growth.

Second, your domain names can take major traffic spikes without compromising DNS continuity and speed. Hunt showtime on the big tv program, newspaper, or VIP blog bold and stress-free.

Priority support

Jump the e-mail line

At BuddyNS we strive to serve all support requests, but Advanced Users always get their enquiries answered first, their Bulk activation requests applied first, and their tickets processed first.

Does response time directly translate into money in your business? Are you the type who likes things solved swiftly and efficiently? Then this is meant exactly for you.

A personal touch

We build our documentation so you can self-setup with maximum simplicity, clarity and speed. If you get stuck anywhere and you don't want to take it to e-mail, as an Advanced User you have a one-time, free 20-minute Skype conversation directly with our competent engineering.

You can use this for initial setup, interactive operations, troubleshooting, or design and optimization advice. Enjoy!

Becoming Advanced User

Best recipients

BuddyNS Advanced User accounts are particularly suited for:

  • ISPs, Web Agencies, e-mail industry
  • Alexa 1 Million websites
  • Individuals concerned with efficiency
  • Many-domain parking

Main benefits

Check these out to understand if Advanced User is good for you:

  • Your domain names appear entirely controlled by you
  • Near no risk of running out of traffic
  • Priority support for efficient setup and troubleshooting
  • Competent live help for setup


- /mo

Contact our support to activate packages exceeding 60 Mqr/mo.

Zones Monthly price
10 $0
25 $2
50 $4
100 $8
300 $12
1000 $16
3000 $25
6000 $40
15000 $62
50000 $98

Need more? Write us!

Traffic quota
[Million Qr/mo]
Monthly price
3 $3
8 $7
15 $14
30 $27
60 $45
100 $60
250 $135
500 $250
more write us!

≥100 Million run on reserved IP addresses.

Which one?

3 Mqr/mo fits 90% of our users.