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Fond of downtime?

DNS is the most critical Single Point of Failure in every organization. BuddyNS gives you full DNS continuity and performance without adding one bit of complexity.

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The problem

Running your DNS with one provider only? DNS is the entry point to every Internet service of yours, so any failure will black out your Internet presence at once. The Internet shows that downtime happens everywhere: Do DNS with one provider only and you're planning to fail, big.

How BuddyNS helps

BuddyNS replicates your DNS across a secure, highly available infrastructure. When your DNS fails, BuddyNS keeps serving your domain names transparently. Zero additional software or infrastructure is required: BuddyNS gives you DNS reliability and speed with no stress.

Why DNS replication?




All your Internet services survive if your DNS service goes down. In fact, users won't even notice. Letting your provider run DNS? It's no safer: history shows even the biggest names occasionally stumble.

Most users expecting your website to load in 2 seconds leaves little time for DNS. Low-latency DNS can realistically reduce your clients' access time by a factor of 10. All time for your servers to do real work.

Life is short! Why use it for running duplicate servers and chasing security upgrades? Publish your data once, and let a specialized DNS cluster deal with infrastructure. And, it's optimized for DNS!

Why BuddyNS?

Best DNS Consistency

BuddyNS updates your DNS data 10-100x faster than industry average after any change, which means unparalleled DNS consistency. Forget hours-long synchronization delays!

Best geographical presence

BuddyNS runs a global DNS infrastructure, with locations strategically determined to serve your users' queries fastest across the globe. Don't settle for vendors with a beefy two-site infrastructure!

Best enterprise integration

BuddyNS comes with great integration options for your enterprise, so our DNS cluster serves you transparently behind the scenes. See our cPanel plug-in, API, and engineering support.

The SyncNOW! trick

You occasionally update your website address or introduce a new service. With normal secondary DNS services, clients will get this change hours later. During this time, your service is unreachable.

With BuddyNS, your changes go live within 10 minutes. And if you're under pressure for a DDoS, or simply need testing, initiate an immediate update by pushing the SyncNOW! button in your BuddyBoard.


Powerfully easy to use

BuddyNS combines documentation, simplification, automation and interactivity to give you the most streamlined User Experience. And because it's designed by experts, pros will also find immediate access to what they need.

The BuddyBoard checks your domains' delegation in real-time, and guides you to fix issues. The Delegation Lab extracts your domain's ECG in the blick of an eye.

Whom it's built for
  • You run DNS yourself on 1-2 servers only
  • You run DNS at one provider only
  • You want to offload some busy DNS servers
  • You want to stealth your DNS server to prevent 0-day and Denial of Service attacks
  • You want to improve your DNS latency
How it works
  1. Sign your domain names onto BuddyNS
  2. Add BuddyNS servers to your domain's DNS server list
  3. Blazing-fast BuddyNS servers speed your resolution immediately
  4. If your DNS fails, BuddyNS keeps serving your domains
Free of Charge
  • up to 0.3 Million queries/month total traffic (per-account)
  • cannot delegate BuddyNS with custom names (Vanity DNS)
  • support requests deferred 24 hours

For professionals, refer to our Advanced User page.