Privacy Policy

valid as of August 1, 2015 operates as a spin-off of FrontDam GmbH, based in Switzerland. provides services to improve the reliability of DNS. FrontDam provides services for security and reliability of Internet services.


This Privacy Policy is complementary to our User Agreement; terminology follows its Glossary.

BuddyNS values privacy. Although we are subject to Swiss jurisdiction, we deliberately pursue compliance with the additional regulations of the European Union — amongst the world's tightest.


We only collect the Personal Data necessary to deliver service for you. Personal Data is data BuddyNS can link with a specific individual (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number). We anonymise data whenever possible: anonymous data is data that BuddyNS cannot link to any specific individual.

This policy describes BuddyNS’ collection and processing of Personal Data.


You are free to enter, consult, edit, remove your Personal Data at any time. Removal of certain data (e.g. your e-mail address) may prevent us from continuing to deliver any service at all to you, while removal of other data (e.g. your mobile phone number) may only prevent us from delivering ancillary services to you.


We never share your data with any third party, unless that's implicitly required for the very use of it (e.g. e-mail to send you e-mails).

Clean slate

You may remove all data associated with your account at any time, from your User Account. If you lost and can no longer recover your login data (e.g. because you lost access to your indicated e-mail address) we can remove the data for you.

In the latter case – because alteration or discontinuation of DNS may have catastrophic impact on an organization – BuddyNS must take extra measures to ensure your authenticity. We typically require you to prove your control over your claimed account in some way. Please understand the extra effort on our side to ensure your safety form hijackers.


BuddyNS collects the following items of Personal Data.

What Why Visible to
E-mail address Authenticate you; issue notifications Team
Domain name data Replicate your domain Team, public in the DNS system
Mobile Phone Number (optional) Issue emergency notifications Team, Mobile gateway
Billing data Generate invoices Team
IP address Breach response, forensics Team, resolved only upon security breach (never happened)

Further information

Do not hesitate to contact our Support for any inquiry.