Where you are handing your domain names

Here's how we keep thousands of users with many-million queries a day happy!

Infrastructure is the gem of BuddyNS. We built it for Reliability and Security from day zero. We extended and refined it preserving these mantras. We let facts speak: 100% uptime since inception.


  • 100% uptime since inception
  • 11+3 server redundancy
  • independent providers
  • multiple peering at all nodes
  • geographically sparse layout


  • 300+ Gbps overall bandwidth
  • over 5000 qr/sec per server
  • average latency under 70ms
  • 0 query missed since inception
  • outstanding IPv6 support


  • Security-focused DNS software
  • Ultra-secure BSD systems
  • Strict separation of services
  • Supervisor of security in team

Locations of BuddyNS DNS servers