Fond of downtime?

DNS is the most critical Single Point of Failure in every organization. BuddyNS gives you plug-in continuity and security for DNS.

Why replicate DNS?



DNS is your most critical Single Point of Failure, with sudden and complete disappearance of all your organization's online services, including website, e-mail, notifications. Human mistakes, infrastructure failure, and attacks are frequent causes even at the biggest, with Dyn and Amazon as recent examples.

BuddyNS gives you survival when the worst happens.

DNS is a hacker's favorite, enabling traffic diversion, password theft, server impersonation and more. Security extensions require training and processes, which slowed adoption.

BuddyNS provides you with immediate DNS security for all your domains. This is drop-in upon activation and requires no learning, and no change to your infrastructure or configuration.


Unmatched DNS security

DNS attacks enable defacement, credential theft, data leak, and more. BuddyNS offers the industry's broadest DNS security, with DNSCurve and DNSSEC.

Massive scalability

Our global, terabit cluster is designed around the same principles used in avionics. Welcome confidently any spike, e.g. for media exposure. Billions of queries? See our enterprise plans!

2-Factor authentication

In the age of automated cracking, 2-Factor authentication crushes the chance of your domains falling in control of unwanted hands.

Track record

10 years, 1+ trillion queries, 100% uptime. Reliability and efficiency are our approach to success.


Enterprise user?


Free, incl. commercial use.

Gets individuals continuity and security, swiftly. Free and fully unattended.

feature-tooltip-traffic 0.3 Mqr
feature-tooltip-synctime 6-12 min
feature-tooltip-security DNSCurve
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From 3 $/month.

Gets professionals uptime and security, efficiently and at a budget.

feature-tooltip-traffic 3+ Mqr
feature-tooltip-support Level 2
feature-tooltip-synctime 1-6 min
feature-tooltip-security DNSCurve
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From 12 $/month.

For companies seeking peace of mind and end-to-end security.

feature-tooltip-anycast Supported
feature-tooltip-ddos Protected
feature-tooltip-security DNSCurve
feature-tooltip-auth 2 Factor
feature-tooltip-setup Included
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From 129 $/month.

For large organizations with high traffic or special integration reqs.

feature-tooltip-traffic Uncapped
feature-tooltip-support Level 3
feature-tooltip-synctime < 2 min
feature-tooltip-auth 2 Factor
PoP locations Own choice
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Recipient Individuals Power-users, small business SMBs, organizations Enterprise, ISPs, Large organizations
Benefit Continuity & security Scalability Features & Contol Integration & Compliance
DNS Security DNSCurve DNSCurve DNSCurve
feature-tooltip-synctime 6-12 min 1-6 min 1-3 min < 2 min
feature-tooltip-traffic 0.3 Million qr/month 3+ Mqr 10+ Mqr Uncapped
feature-tooltip-support Technical Technical Integration
feature-tooltip-analytics Optional
feature-tooltip-ddos Protected Protected
feature-tooltip-delegation "Free" "Pro" Custom Own IPs
feature-tooltip-auth Password Password 2-Factor 2-Factor
REST API Traffic Analytics Sync time Stand-by DNS Support SLA Auth type DDoS Query audit Own locations Delegation Anycast Security Setup 1:1


What's in

  • DNS Continuity
  • Cryptographic DNS
  • 300K queries/month
  • "Free"-branded delegation
  • No support

What's in

  • Ample traffic
  • Fast DNS update
  • "Pro"-branded delegation
  • Basic support
  • Mobile notifications

What's in

  • Anycast
  • DDoS protection
  • 2-Factor auth
  • Technical support

What's in

  • Uncapped traffic
  • Own IP addresses
  • Own locations
  • Own authentication
  • Immediate DNS updates

Don't know your traffic? Start small & upgrade later based on BuddyNS' traffic estimator.

For all, including commercial use! No support, no mobile notifications.
Write in!
Enterprise accounts start at 125 $/month. Contact us for a quote with:
  • How many zones do you want to manage?
  • What is your approximate traffic?

How it works


You need to own a domain name and run a DNS service to use BuddyNS.

We serve individuals, NGOs, companies, universities, and large enterprises.


  1. Create a free account
  2. Add domains to protect
  3. Allow BuddyNS on your DNS service
  4. Delegate domains to BuddyNS
  5. Enjoy security and continuity

Why BuddyNS?

  1. World's first & only service with DNSCurve support.
  2. Global infrastructure optimized for availability and security.
  3. Long-running service, a decade in slick business.