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We needed a DNS backup solution and BuddyNS accompanied us at every single step of the process. Their responsiveness and technical knowledge is simply astounding. We now have their solid infrastructure and support team protecting our DNS.
— Alain Azzam, Tektonik inc.
BuddyNS is an incredible DNS mirroring utility, offering us four additional fast and very quickly updated name servers for redundancy. How this service remains free when most premium ones offer much less, I have no idea.
— Kage,
These guys only do one thing but they do it very well! This is fastest-to-synchronize secondary DNS service on the Internet!
— Samuel Land, MintDNS
BuddyNS has managed the triple challenge of providing a reliable and high quality service, at no expense, and with streamlined and enjoyable user experience. One can sense a good combination of competence and empathy intertwined together in this great service. Thank you BuddyNS!
— Jacques Deguest, VC, DEGUEST Limited
Very nice and simple. I was able to setup a world-distributed remote secondary DNS in couple of hours, including reading helpful docs and testing, and monthly costs are very democratic. I recommend.
— Janis Viklis, CEO,
Secondary DNS is something you only realize you should have when you need it. Don't be caught with your pants down! I found BuddyNS to be the best of breed, hands down. Thank you!
— Eddie Barcellos, CEO, MATTERMedia
Same here, I can't actually recall when I have switched to BuddyNS been a while, but I'm glad I have done it
@o1ramsky via Twitter
I have been using @BuddyNS for like 6 months. All I can say is that it's the best secondary DNS out there! Not a single failure #awesome
@BruceBacklaws via Twitter
Just discovered @BuddyNS integration with @cPanel #awesome
@aleguavo via Twitter
I rarely promo sites & services, but I've been looking for you all of my life. Price + simplicity = perfection.
@cfxmusic via Twitter
@BuddyNS fantastic service. Migrating all my domains to you.
@vman1 via Twitter
@BuddyNS Thanks for this Service! I'm searching for something like that a very long time :)
@schindlerf via Twitter
@BuddyNS just discovered you last night. Some quick configs later and I am using you while managing my zone with my hidden master! #loveit
@ErebusBat via Twitter
Discovered awesome secondary DNS service from @BuddyNS and integrated. Updates are instantaneous with notifications enabled. Awesome
@ssrini_vasan via Twitter
Thank you @BuddyNS and @ktorn for making work well for the 'Cryptocurrencies for Good' project!
@AnonyOdinn via Twitter
Just set up @BuddyNS for our website. Great secondary #DNS services with great integration at the backend.
@McGallen & Bolden via Twitter
@BuddyNS Thanks for the free secondary DNS! Great service so far (your docs and contextual tips are super helpful).
@mholt6 via Twitter
I'm pretty impressed at how easy it was to setup @BuddyNS as a secondary DNS Service. Kudos.
@MarcLandry via Twitter

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