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… it's free! Here's what we'll do:

  1. We'll contact your DNS server to get your zone data
  2. We'll e-mail you login data to manage your zone(s)
  3. We'll serve your zones side-by-side with your server

Is that a zone?

This looks like a DNS record, not a DNS zone. A DNS zone is normally what you buy from your domain registrar, e.g. domain.com. A record is an entry you create under it, for example www.domain.com.

Here, you want to enter the zone, e.g. domain.com. If you know what you're doing, then go ahead.

Not the master!

This looks like a DNS server name, not a zone name.

The master server of this zone you enter in the Primary Server box. We want an IP, names are not supported for added security.

If you know what you're doing, then go ahead.

What e-mail address?
  • You will receive important notifications here.
  • Avoid *@myzone.com to host myzone.com.
  • Beware of quotas & reckless spam filters.
  • Something you check regularly, reliably.
  • Don't be shy, BuddyNS worships privacy.
  • Watch for typos, then watch again.
Careful, unreliable e-mail provider!

E-mail services provided by Microsoft have very aggressive spam filters. Our users often lamented not receiving some automated notifications, in spite of BuddyNS' excellent sender reputation.

Register with any such account and you may fail to receive your activation instructions, or notifications about using up your quota:

  • @hotmail.*
  • @live.*
  • @outlook.*
  • @msn.*

Gmail, GMX, iCloud and Yahoo (or your own) all provide good alternatives.

Looking for trouble?

Using any contact address *@cool.com when cool.com is hosted on BuddyNS is an awful idea!

Any issue with DNS (e.g.: your primary is down while you deplete your traffic quota), e-mail becomes unavailable, you get no notifications, and you might go for days without realizing all your services are down.

We recommend either of:

  • Use an external INBOX (+ forward if needed)
  • Go with this but register your mobile number

See our free and paid plans for features & support.

More than 30 zones to add? See bulk registration.