IPv6 pioneer of the DNS industry


BuddyNS started developing IPv6 support since inception, and today speaks IPv4 and IPv6 for all services in all parts.

BuddyNS can be DNS-queried over IPv6, can be queried for IPv6 records, can fetch DNS data from IPv6-only masters, and you can browse BuddyNS websites over IPv6. Behind the scenes, BuddyNS cluster hosts even speak IPv6 with each other!

BuddyNS's IPv6 support is unmatched among every DNS replication vendor.

IPv6 is inevitable for everyone. A growing number of Internet Providers have started to provide IPv6-only reachability already. You can address IPv6 today, next week, or next month — but you'll have to.

BuddyNS allows you to make your DNS IPv6-enabled in one click reliably and with no training, no infrastructural changes, no security reviews, and no stress. Read on to know how.

IPv6 is inevitable

Internet communication has historically run over IPv4 addresses. Designed when the Internet was a niche technology, IPv4 displayed inadequacy since early '90s, and despite some pro-tempore patches, it revealed without future by mid 2000s.

New protocols to improve IPv4 were developed along the '90s: the Internet Stream Protocol first (IPv5), and the Internet Protocol v6 then. The IPv6 standard was operative by early 2000s. Just in time, since IPv4 address pools started to get depleted in different regions of the world in April 2011.

So why is IPv4 still our everyday reality? IPv6 is significantly different from IPv4, so upgrading is harder than most people want to undertake.

BuddyNS pioneered adoption of IPv6 since inception. Users of BuddyNS have 100% functional IPv4-IPv6 equivalence on all services. If you run something IPv6, expect BuddyNS to back you on that. And if IPv6 is still out of your reality, BuddyNS helps you get it in with no effort.

Get your DNS IPv6-enabled in one click and zero books

Upgrading your DNS to IPv6 normally requires a significant amount of human training, changes to your software, network equipment, configurations, and security policies.

BuddyNS extends your DNS with IPv6 support with none of those requirements: Replicating your DNS with BuddyNS takes one click and just a few seconds on BuddyNS activation page. That is it, there really is no more to say.

As soon as your domain name(s) are active on BuddyNS, IPv6-enabled users will be able to perform queries for your domains over IPv6 via BuddyNS servers, regardless of whether your own infrastructure is ready for IPv6 or not.

A history of pioneering advances in IPv6

BuddyNS started adoption of IPv6 early in time, and extended it to additional parts consistently over time. This allowed to reach today's outstanding IPv6 support. Here's the details:

We introduced ... In
Support for IPv6 address records [Aug 2010]
Native IPv6 reachability for DNS queries [Oct 2010]
Native IPv6 reachability for Website [Mar 2011]
GeoStats analysis of ratio of IPv6 DNS queries [May 2011]
BuddyNS servers talk IPv6 with each other [Sep 2011]
AXFR from IPv6-only master DNS servers [Apr 2012]
Joining 2012 IPv6 day with outstanding IPv6 support [Jun 2012]

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