Point hackers elsewhere

Kill the bulk of attacks to DNS with no extra configuration, infrastructure or training. For peace of mind and for the health of the Internet.

BuddyNS is the industry only provider of dual security, with DNSCurve for efficiency and DNSSEC for control.

A hacker's sweetspot

DNS is a hacker's favorite target. Attacks are easy to build and hard to detect. Success enables credential theft, data leak, defacement, and more. Treat DNS like your keychain.

Secure with BuddyNS

Security, drop-in and transparent. Add your domains onto our DNS cluster, and get new secure channels for your clients. No extra configuration or infrastructureasd.

Dual security: how we do it

Secure the link

— The HTTPS of DNS —

When you add your domains to our DNS cluster, your clients immediately and automatically avail of encrypted DNS queries through DNSCurve.

BuddyNS makes link-level security free to all users out of the box. We push this technology because it brings 95% of security benefits with 5% of the effort:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Authenticity, server-level

Secure the payload

— The S/MIME of DNS —

Don't trust your DNS infrastructure? Your next station is end-to-end security with DNSSEC, where you sign and control your data before it enters the DNS infrastructure.

Our Astronaut plan gives you both link-level and data-level security. Thanks to our custom-built, dual-security DNS cluster, you get:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Authenticity, end-to-end

Understand the engine

Dual security

Two security technologies on a single service: DNSCurve and DNSSEC. BuddyNS leads the industry with this co-existance thanks to our custom-built global DNS cluster.

Why DNSCurve

DNSCurve is the best mean to bring security to the masses quickly. Easy for developers to integrate, trivial for admins to deploy, and lean for infrastructure to serve.


DNSSEC brings security benefits important to certain organizations (banks, TLDs etc). It comes with extra costs of administration and operation, which is why we offer it in our Astronaut and Enterprise plans.

Curious to find about more about our security technology? Check out our security FAQs!