... or add servers?

BuddyNS integrates natively with your cPanel. You get security and speed in your DNS, and you simplify infrastructure.

Fully transparent to you and your customers. No extra servers. Free up to 300K qr/mo.

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Your situation

You run a cPanel/WHM server and host a number of customer domains. You typically replicate your DNS with additional DNSONLY servers. Your DNS situation can be improved in reliability, latency, simplicity or price.

How BuddyNS helps

BuddyNS adds security, performance and reliability to your domains. Our plug-in transparently adds domains as you add clients on cPanel, and adds delegation to our global, low-latency, cryptographically-protected DNS cluster.

Integrating BuddyNS into your cPanel


Add BuddyNS servers to your zone delegation and get strong encryption running globally and immediately for all your users. No extra configuration or training required on your side.


Wipe away DNS downtime: BuddyNS takes over when your cPanel DNS fails, and speeds up resolution when it's up. Our sparse, low-latency DNS backbone runs 100% uptime since inception, and resolves in <70ms to most of Planet Earth.


Get rid of extra servers! They degrade security, waste your time, waste resources and energy and spoil your focus. BuddyNS is secure, resilient, and geographically sparse. Fully transparent integration, while keeping full control on data and configs.

Not sure why using DNS replication itself? See our DNS replication page.

BuddyNS cpanel plug-in screenshot


Installing as client/reseller is not supported, contact your admin!

  1. You install our integration plugin on your WHM server
  2. When you create/remove an account, cPanel replicates its domain on BuddyNS
  3. When your clients add/remove addon domains, cPanel syncs them at BuddyNS
  4. When a zone (domain data) is changed, BuddyNS replicates it within seconds

Tech details

  • cPanel hooks add/remove domains onto BuddyNS as they are added
  • A cron job syncs addon domains when added/removed by users and resellers
  • BuddyNS initiates zone transfers upon cPanel NOTIFYs a zone was modified
  • Pure-client implementation: no services added, no security affected.
  • Takes near-zero resources, operates with our efficient API.

Refer to our cPanel technical integration docs for requirements and tech details.


Our integration plug-in itself is free of charge!

Within free use limits, use of infrastructure is free of charge as well. You may switch to a paid account if you exceed those limits or wish any of our advanced services, such as support, fast DNS sync, multi-factor authentication and more.

For support or further enquiries, contact our support address.