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DNS gathers traffic for all of your services. BuddyNS' GeoStats help you elicit usage patterns, detect and originate traffic anomalies, and optimize your DNS in the blink of an eye.

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Why through DNS

Web stats give you insight on your WebSite use. DNS stats give you insight on all of your services. Spam spree? Network scan preluding an attack? Distributed brute force to a service? BuddyNS GeoStats help you seeing these through a nice, graphical traffic breakdown.

Understand GeoStats

BuddyNS aggregates all your DNS traffic data. It breaks it down by domain, it extracts the target type (e-mail, host, DNS), IPv4/IPv6 vector, and locates the geographical origin of the client. It then draws all of this information in a nice, easy-to-read graph over time.

Access patterns

What time of the week, month, year gets the biggest load? When is the best time to run a maintenance window? GeoStats help you answer all of these by showing you recurring traffic flows.

Traffic anomalies

Spam sprees, port scans, distributed attacks, botnet scans normally demand ad-hoc, sophisticated systems to detect. GeoStats help you notice and respond to these incidents just as they happen.

DNS optimization

Got servers in America when users browse you from Australia? Run IPv4 only while users want to query over IPv6? GeoStats let you detect and quantify all of these cases.

Whom it's built for
  • Your BuddyNS traffic exceeds 300 Kqr/mo
  • You want to optimize your DNS latency
  • You want to interpret your DNS traffic volume
  • You want to profile usage of your services
How it works
  1. Activate GeoStats on selected Domains
  2. BuddyNS records and analyzes their traffic
  3. Analysis is prepped in easy-to-read graphs
  4. Hourly updated graphs always on BuddyNS
Domains tracked Price
1 2 $/month
10 4 $/month
50 8 $/month
200 15 $/month